The light is on top (where it is visible). Simply unplug it, turn the camera so that the light is underneath, plug it back in, then flip the image 180 degrees in the app. The icon for this looks like a triangle on the lower right-hand side of the live view image (make sure to click once on the screen while in live view image mode to bring up the icons where you can adjust flipping the image, background lighting, and take instant photos and videos. Sound recording has been disabled for security purposes). Bingo, the light is NO LONGER easily visible. And even if someone noticed this light they will not know it’s because it has a camera. They’ll think it just signals the unit is receiving power. One of the 2 lights (the blue light) can be turned off in the MISC section of your app.

If it stops working it could be for several reasons. i.e., glitches in power or drops in your WIFI connection. In almost all cases the camera is intelligent enough to reconnect by itself. Sometimes (and this is only on rare occasions) you have to reset the camera. Inserting the pin that came with the camera into the reset hole behind the lights does this. Then, reconnect the camera to your phone, and then connect the camera to your WIFI (a 2-step process). This only takes a couple of minutes to do and is very easy ONCE you know how.

If you have trouble connecting, or your camera stops connecting to your wifi connection, the issue lies with your wifi router, not the camera. To permanently correct this problem simply change the channel of the 2.4 Ghz wifi connection you are connected to. Most 2.4 Ghz routers use channels 1 – 11. However, the majority use either 1, 6, or 7. As a result there is congestion on these airwaves (remember, these are simply radio waves and imagine trying to tune different radio stations into one channel). To fix it simply log in to your router wifi and change the channel to channel 10 or 11. These are the least used channels. If you don’t know how to do this you should contact your internet service provider and ask them to help you change the channel on your router to channel 10 or 11.

No. This feature was disabled to comply with 18 U.S. Code § 2511 – Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited. Only video is recorded. You do not need an SD card at all to experience the full functionality of your camera. The only advantage in having an SD card is if you forget to open your app. Having an SD card will record any motion detection activity without having the app on your phone open.

Yes. Up to 8 cameras can be added at once and viewed on the app.

The camera will accommodate any size SD card up to 128gb.

1.18 Inches wide X 1.18 inches high X 1.69 inches deep